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I have always been interested in writing. Around 2006 I joined a friend Tim Chamberlain in doing a two year creative writing course at university with a wonderful teacher, Grant Hinton Miller. This gave me the confidence to start writing a book about my life, (in progress) and now this website. These stories are short, as Grant asked us to try to get them on one page, as so many to mark.

Foot Loose in Cultures
Striding through China
An Etherial Experence In Darkest Africa
Mike in Hong Kong China @ Taiwan with Rhoda
Girl in Lijiang Yunnan
Wandering thru India
Back in India
The Heart Knows, Listen
Lucky to be Alive (Mountains, My addiction.  Mt Cook.)
Lanzhou and Environs: The Heart of China
The Visit
Natures Power
The House by the Lake
The Pond
A Delightful Neighbour
A Voice to the Soul
The Hut
It's Tough out there on the Briney
Third Fishing Speech: Mike's Mistake
How to lose your drivers license, and have fun surviving it
Where Awe Has Touched My Life
Olif of the Jungle
A  Good  Friend
The Passion of My Life
Lifeforce My Story
Effective Microorganisms
Parihaka 1
Parihaka 2
Emerging into the Light

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Poetry & Prose

Mt Cook
The  Rody Tree
Evoking a Story From a Picture
My first try at poetry
Smells That Excite Me
About Greg
Ghost Riders in the Sky

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