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By Mike Brosnan


Every which way I go in this maze, there are monsters everywhere. Why so many. Has the world really gone mad.

Perhaps Al Gore is right ("The Inconvenient Truth")

I duck there, I nose into there, but there is no respite.

Wait, a monster has moved, but lo, another has taken it's place.

Is it the rain that has brought them out

"Another ice cliff shears off an ancient glacier. The seas rise that tiny bit." We mustn't stop to think too deeply adding those minuscule bits together, it is too hard.

"Have another beer mate" "Watched Coronation Street last night"

I remember though, "I am part of this tragedy too." I feel a stirring, an awakening inside me

If I sit still, amongst the monsters, would I find my place in this mess?

Yes, wow, the monsters divide.

I have found my parking space.

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