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By Mike Brosnan 05-08-2006


The longer I live, the more I see life as a continuing pilgrimage.
As I had a troubled life with my mother, I think I developed this concept at a young age, if for no other reason than survival.
I have always been, and still am, a seeker. I guess it started with massive reading, starting very young, till now.
This took me on constant pilgrimages, and I would immerse and almost vanish into these great books, stories, authors.
Took me away from the reality of daily life, to I guess, other realities.
Learning is the love of my life, that is why I manifested to get out of going back to conventional learning (eg. School!) while still 14 years old and left home. That let my enquiring mind soar and the pilgrimage advanced.
If you want to learn, "the world is your oyster," as there is so much out there.
As Oscar Wilde said, "the greatest gift of all is life and most of us just exist."
I decided to embrace that gift. I would have to write a book (and one day I hope I find time to) to describe this pilgrimage (which goes on to this day). How much time have you got.
Seeking the "right religion" and the spiritual journey was big for me those early days. Still there, but I feel more at peace with my relationship with the planet and "the God in me and you."
The journey for me is about doing good in the world, and hence feeling more and more the good in me.

The pilgrimage is wonderful.

A note from my creative writing teacher Grant Hinton Miller. There's an old eastern saying: "Of all pilgrimages, the greatest is to relieve the sorrow-laden heart."

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