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Object of Story : To Create a Myth Mike Brosnan 05-03-1206

Olif of the Jungle

A long time ago. in a far away country called Oley, in a vast jungle, there lived a man called Olif.
Olif was normal except that he had very short legs. This didn’t affect his lifestyle in the jungle, as he whiled away his days shooting small game with his bow & arrow, picking fruits, & occupying himself with the local maidens, but as so often with human kind, he wasn’t satisfied. He had heard from the infrequent strangers travelling through, that many leagues away the jungle changed to a vast desert land. Olif pined to experience this different land.
There was a problem. Olif knew that with his short legs, he could never travel such a long distance. Oh my,, what should he do?
“I know” he thought,not to be beaten in has desire, “I will visit the village witch. “ The ugly, wise old witch asked, “ why do you want to wander, as you live in such a beautiful place”, but Olif would not be put of his quest.
“ Well, if you must “ said the ugly, wise old witch.” You must cut down an Olar Tree, pare of the bark, then the wood, untill the centre core is exposed. There you will find a little round knot. Carefully cut this out, grind into a powder, boil , drink the juice & you will the see your legs grow longer, but remember I warned you to be happy here”. .
Olif was overjoyed, & proceeded to do as he was told, & behold he watched as his legs grow & grow, until he was a giant with long legs, & a short body. He was so tall, that he stood above the top of the forest.
Everyone gathered around, & excitedly wished him well for his adventure. The once short man had become a hero in his village.
Olif set off, striding through the jungle,not noticing he was trampling it under his large feet. & in no time the wondrous desert spread out in front of him
Olif was very happy. He was the only person from his land to see these very different lands.
He gambolled in the sand, sunbathed, & tried to communicate with the very different, darked skinned natives of the desert
But after a time, he tired of this, the people ran from him, as he looked so strange, food was scarce, & water even more so.
He wandered around by himself, & started to have nagging thoughts, & remember the warning from the ugly, wise, old witch
So he decided to go back to the lush jungle, so verdant with life, food, & lovely maidens.
He travelled across the desert at such a fast rate, he thought, “ I will be home in no time, “
but low, as his feet touched the jungle, his legs started to shorten & shorten, until he was back to the little man he was.
Olif was devastated, as he lived out his life having to learn to forage in the sand for food & water The locals snubbed him, & eventually he died a lonely man.
The people back in Oley eventually heard from the infrequent travellers what had happened, & were very sad for the intrepid Olif, but the ugly,] wise old witch chuckled & said to herself “ let that be a lesson to the people of Oley “
The moral of this story is : When in the jungle, be happy there, as it may not be any better in the desert.

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