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Object of Story : Depiction of : Story, Setting, Dialogue, & To keep tight. Mike Brosnan 11-03-1206

The Visit

I am on one of my climbing forays in Britain, mostly on the West Coast of Scotland, one of my favorite places, but the main reason for this OS. trip was, to explore, and hopefully work in China
Accordingly, it was important to obtain a visa.
Now I knew the Chinese Embassy was in London, but fortunately a new Consulate, had recently been opened in Edinburgh, closer to home as it were, so I duly made an appointment to meet with a Mr Chu,the chief consular there, making sure to have all my credentials and info. to hand.
The only problem there was, while in a "doing sense ", I can call myself a world authority on Dryland Conservation, ( desert management, ) it is all dirty hands stuff, rather than, university and book learning qualifications.
But, the main thing I do seem to have is confidence in my real experiences in this " doing " thing. The ability to create sustenance where it wasn't before.
So, my visit to the consular went well from the start. I guess we just had the chemistry.
He sat me down in his plush office, and offered me my favorite drink, green tea. Ah, he liked that!
I wanted a visa for as long as possible and my ploy was to show this lovely little Chinese man, that China needed me, and that I had a lot to offer about things like growing food with little water.
Interestingly, Mr Chu, at this stage, came right out & said, " why should we give you a long term visa ahead of others. What is different about you ? "
I showed him my videos on my work on the farm, the papers I had written for Organic Conferences, plus the contacts and addresses from people who had attended the Field Days on the farm.
He went away for some time, leaving me, fingers crossed, drinking green tea.
Bursting back into the room, ( now the statutory time for a visit to China was three months ) Mr Chu, with a big smile on his face said, " I have talked it over with my colleagues, and we have decided to give you six months in our country "
I left clutching that little piece of paper, with a big smile on MY face
When in China, it was quite common to be asked by Chinese people, " how you get a six month visa, you have relations here ? ! .
I considered this a very successful VISIT. 

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