Lifeforce My Story

I joined the business and started taking BODYBALANCE around eleven years ago.
I personally felt the difference, benefiting my health within a month, so have been taking it ever since.
There’s no question that soils around the world are depleted of minerals to different degrees, most of them drastically. It is a scientific fact that food grown on the land has much less of the elements in them that are essential for health and happiness than years ago.
    Most elements end up in the sea through natural and unnatural processes.            
BODYBALANCE has nine varieties of sea vegetables harvested well off the coast of Alaska, in the purest seas we can find with a minimum of the unnatural baddies (pollution) plus organic alovera, and black cherry, mainly for taste.
    Another LIFEFORCE product is OSTEOPROCARE. I’m not allowed to tell you what it has done for other people, as I am not a doctor, but I can tell you what it has done for me.
    Thirteen years ago, I had climbed Mt Cook, (our highest mountain) four times. During the ten hours  ascent that fourth time I decided  that, as I’d had an arthroscopy done on my right  knee before, by the pain I was having ascending I just knew I would have to have another one done on the left knee, or never be able to do this degree of climbing again.
    That was when I joined LIFEFORCE. I had been taking BODYBALANCE and heard about this bone and joint product the company also had. So, I started taking OSTEOPROCARE .
    My knee came right, and any other arthritic tendencies (old age) came right to.
Since then I have done numerous hard tramps, climbed in Britain, Nepal, climbed Mt Cook twice again and my knees are all but perfect.
    At eighty one yrs. young I have recently tramped “The Hollyford Track”  down south in The Darrans, and out of the ten of us from age thirty one to fifty eight, my knees  weathered  the best.
    This proves the product to me. Along with the BODYBALANCE I am awed by them.