Where Awe Has Touched My Life

From a small boy,I have always been seeking, & my life has been a mixture of many different spiritual involvements. A journey of ( when not attending to the other side of me, the drivennes of my nature,) the spiritual path which feels right for me.

On a day ten years ago, that path led me to a large gathering in the town hall here in Ch Ch, to listen to a man by the name of Matthew Fox.

Now Matthew Fox had been a Catholic Priest, defrocked by the Vatican, for his, in their eyes, radical ideas, & teachings.

I was instantly awed by what I saw , through my eyes, as this gentle, interesting, intelligent, charismatic teacher. I hastened to buy, & read a book he had written, called, “The Coming of the Cosmic Christ” which is full of what I see as true Christianity.

Now while this inspired me greatly, one thing about him hit home most. He constantly talked about, & transmuted to us, the concept of ” Awe & Wonder”.This came across so differently to the oft. Dark religious teachings of the past.

Matthew hit the spot for me, for though I am an easily awed guy, he reinforced this, which helped my journey of more & more seeing the positive side of the world, & the universe, while there are many bad things being reported, if we look, & listen, there is so much good, beauty, & love out there to be inspired by.

This has helped me to cope even with things like the recent death of my beautiful son Greg, where I see what a wonderful life he had while he was here. While there can be problems, I am awed by my children.

In this hard old world, Matthew Fox has strengthened my ability to embrace the concept of “ Awe & Wonder “ & I am indebted to him.